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Carolyn Carolyn has been exploring rhythm and vibration for the past thirty years. Her early studies are rooted in the Western traditions, while the past 18 years have found her slowly traversing the globe in search of indigenous musics and traditional rhythmic materials from Latin & South America, West Africa and the Middle East, and all points in-between. The result is a compelling recombination in a musical palette that compliments a variety of styles and genres in groups from Fonn Mor & An Dro to Dunuya Drum & Dance, Blue Dahlia, and a host of singer-songwriters and traditional musical ensembles throughout the region. She spent seven years in the classical symphony world before 'retiring' to do original music where she could create and express her own musical vision. More recently, she has begun to re-focus on her solo materials, encompassing guitar, lyrics & vocals, and world percussion. In addition, she has recently decided to immerse herself in the world of Japanese taiko drumming.

Carolyn is part dreamer, part-realist.....a shape-shifter who believes we really can all live the life we imagine. She divides her time between hospice music therapy, teaching at Western Michigan University, K College, and universities around the nation, as well as touring regionally and nationally with a variety of performance ensembles.

She holds degrees of distinction in music therapy and percussion studies from Western Michigan University and Michigan State University. Much of her work focuses on rhythm-based music therapy and music for self-healing and Spiritual connection. Audience members appreciate her raw energy in performances, commenting that she seems to literally "feel" her way through the music....helping them to enter the same visceral sphere.



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